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The Icon Clinic has been in the aesthetics industry for more than ten years. However, in 2018, they decided to branch out and build a skincare hub that gives their patients an all-around pamper treat. And thanks to Vina Yapjuangco, the skincare hub that was once just an idea became a reality.

Back then, The Icon Clinic was a full-fledged plastic surgery clinic that did not offer any dermatology treatments. So, when Vina realized that most of their plastic surgery patients had to transfer to other clinics just to get facials and other dermatology services, the skincare hub idea was born.

Like the primary vision of The Icon Clinic, the skincare hub aims to give excellent patient care and realistic satisfactory results to anyone who enters the clinic. They do not judge or discriminate, and patients can expect to feel welcome and at ease during their stay.

Vina’s husband is in charge of the surgery clinic, so despite being a pharmacist by profession, she stepped up and took over the role of being the leading force behind the new skincare hub.

In order to gain more knowledge on the ins and outs of managing a business, Vina took up a master’s degree in Business Management Health at the Ateneo de Manila University. With the help of this education, Vina now has a better grasp of running and taking care of the business.

The Icon Clinic’s skincare hub has been operating for more than two years now, and the unparalleled patient experience from both the plastic surgery and skincare clinics remain the same. They continuously offer the best services and cater to the unique needs of each patient by providing them with personalized treatments based on what they need, all while guaranteeing REAL RESULTS.

The Icon Clinic Dermatology Center is located at BTTC Centre Unit G3-288 Ortigas Ave. corner Roosevelt St. Greenhills, San Juan City.



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