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Top Surgery is one of the most commonly performed gender reassignment surgeries available for FTM transsexuals. The procedure includes Bilateral Mastectomy (Breast Removal) and Male Chest Contouring and it has different types ranging from Double Incision, Inverted –T or T-Anchor Incision/Keyhole Incision and Peri-Areolar Incision

FTM Top Surgery Procedure Double Incision Method: Top Surgery using the Double Incision Method can be performed on FTM patients who have pendulous sagging breasts. This usually requires a scar extending from underneath the existing breast fold to the lateral outside of the chest. The nipple and areola are removed, resized, and replaced as a “free nipple grafts” in a new position to give a “male” appearance to the chest. The scars are permanent, but most scars will fade.

FTM Top Surgery Procedure Peri-areolar or Keyhole Method: Top Surgery using the Peri-areolar or Keyhole Method is usually reserved for FTM patients with very small breasts, have little breast tissue, have breast skin that do not sag, or have breast skin that are too tight to perform a double incision method. At times, it is advisable to undergo Liposuction of the chest first to remove as much breast tissue as possible and then perform an incision along the lower border of the nipple-areolar complex to remove the remaining breast tissue.